2020 Summer Workshops

Each summer the AMTA sponsors face-to-face workshops across the United States and the world.  Summer workshops are typically 2-3 weeks in duration in order to thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for a typical STEM course, and to have a transformative effect upon the classrooms of our teacher participants.  Content addressed includes approximately one semester of a typical high school physics, chemistry, physical science, biology or middle school course.

Looking for ideas to obtain FUNDING for a Modeling Workshop?  Visit this link: http://modeling.asu.edu/Projects-Resources/FinancialHelp/HowGetFinancialHelp.htm

For further details about general workshop features, please see our main Workshops & Courses page.

Note: This page is frequently updated as new information becomes available. Whether each workshop will actually occur depends upon enrollment and funding.  Please note that some workshops may be cancelled.

[Updated 04/30/20]

Workshops organized by content

Workshops organized by location

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