Tanea HiblerMember-at-Large

    Tanea was introduced to Modeling Instruction through workshops in Phoenix in 2008.  Since her first introduction to Physical Science Modeling and returning to the US in 2015, she has kept her eyes and ears open for modeling events. “I have enjoyed all of the workshops, support, teaching experience, and friendships that have blossomed from AMTA. I value the relationships and collaboration that have come from AMTA, as they have helped me grow professionally, and they provide an opportunity for me to collaborate with other teachers.”  Tanea believes collaboration is key for growth, reflection, and motivation, and her opportunities for collaboration would not exist to the same extent without AMTA. As a workshop participant and co-leader, she has gained a valuable perspective and voice that can help AMTA to grow and further develop.  Tanea would like to see more diversity and inclusion within the workshops and other AMTA events that are hosted throughout the USA, and she hopes that as contributing member at large she can contribute to this joint effort.

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