Overview of the ASSESSSS

The ASSESS spreadsheet has the ability to provide individual and entire class item analysis for various conceptual tests such as the Force Concept Inventory. This is especially helpful to inform classroom practice after pre-testing to determine areas of difficulty for your students.

AMTA charges $10 to respond to ASSESSSS spreadsheet requests. This sum helps to offset the cost of the time it takes us to validate your eligibility to receive this file.

Sample Item Analysis

Question #1

Choice A Choice B* Choice C Choice D
33% 22%* 34% 11%
position-velocity undiscriminated correct response velocity-acceleration undiscriminated nonvectorial velocity composition


If you would like to request a copy of the ASSESSSS tool please complete this two step process:

STEP 1: Pay the $10 Fee

Use the button to make your $10 payment via PayPal.

STEP 2: Complete the Request Form

After your PayPal transaction is complete, please fill out the request form below. Please make sure to include the URL for a live link (please test the link you provide to make sure it still works!) to your faculty directory profile–this is the most efficient way for us to verify that you are eligible to receive this spreadsheet.


Assessssv6b.zip  is an updated version of a pre/post ASSESSment SpreadSheet (assessss).  It includes an .xlsx version.  This spreadsheet has the ability to provide individual and entire class item analysis, especially helpful after pre-testing to determine instructional focus areas.  Please follow the instructions in the accompanying readme.txt file.  Except for the “scratch” worksheet, all remaining worksheets are linked – this means pasting into one page, automatically populates other pages.

Assessssv6b is preset for the Force Concept InventoryTest for Understanding Graphs in Kinematics 3.2Mechanics Baseline Test, Force and Motion Concept Evaluation and Lawson Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning (with Piaget analysis).  It has additional blank spreadsheet and answer keys for Energy Concept Inventory and the Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism. Users can analyze the FCI and the TUG-K2 by clusters (i.e., subcategory: by each of the 6 dimensions of the force concept). The readmefirst file  provides further information including the operation and history of the spreadsheet.  Please send notification about spreadsheet bugs to jvesenka@une.edu

This instrument was developed by Jamie Vesenka, Professor of Physics, Department of Chemistry and Physics, University of New England and donated by him to AMTA. To protect the assessments for which it is used, we make every effort to ensure that it is only distributed to teachers and researchers.

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