For Workshop Leaders & Organizers

Below are some checklists for workshop leaders.  Of course, not every workshop is the same, but this is a good start.


  • It’s great if you can get a company or grant to sponsor your workshop.  Please review our page Financial Support for Workshops.
  • Sponsorships can also provide stipends for your participants, which will increase the popularity of your workshop.
  • If you approach a large company for a sponsorship, don’t present yourself as representing AMTA.  The national organization applies for grants and seeks company/foundation collaborations separately – this will avoid confusion.  However, if you have connections with a national organization and would like to collaborate with AMTA on grants, we invite this partnership.

Fiscal Management

  • If an institution sponsors your workshop, they may provide fiscal management (collect workshop fees, pay bills, compensate instructors, etc…).  In most cases, AMTA will provide fiscal management for a flat fee of $1000.


Printed materials:

  • You may print materials in-house or through a local vendor.
  • AMTA collaborates with Crown Press ( in Phoenix, AZ to print materials.  Contact Patrick O’Dell at (602)437-4444 about materials costs (you are responsible for paying for the number of binders you use).
  • You should plan on purchasing large binders for your participants, usually 3″ will do.

Electronic materials:

  • All documents are available online.
  • You can also post supplemental documents to the forums on the AMTA member portal (we can create a sub-forum just for your workshop).  Other workshops create a Google doc folder to support group communications.

Workshop leader stipends

  • AMTA suggests that workshop leader stipends are $1,600/week and we advocate for a two-leader workshop structure.

Supplemental readings:

Most workshops require reading outside of the teacher notes.  These provide background information on teaching and learning that are not included in the teacher notes.

  • Arons, Arnold – A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching.  This book can be ordered at a significant discount.  ISBN-10: 0471137073 ISBN-13: 978-0471137078. Contact Jane Jackson for the discount code that must be entered on before checkout.
  • Jackson, J., Dukerich, L., and Hestenes, D. – Modeling Instruction: An Effective Model for Science Education (8 pages, reprint from Science Educator, Spring 2008)
  • Wells, M., Hestenes D., and Swackhamer, G. – A Modeling Method for High School Physics Instruction (34 pages, reprint from the American Journal of Physics, July 1995).

College units

  • Many hosts/leaders arrange to have their workshops approved as courses at local universities.  AMTA has established a relationship with the University of the Pacific (CA) for $79/credit hour.  A three-week workshop is eligible for up to 6 credit hours. If you do not have a local University/College contact and are interested in one of our partner universities, contact for more details.
  • It is the responsibility of the participating teacher to check that these credits will transfer into a Master’s program or be accepted for their intended purpose.


  • Most workshops start the first day by providing snacks for participants, then ask them to sign up to bring different snacks on the following days.
  • Don’t forget that coffee machines are appreciated.

Logistics at your site:

  • Parking:  Do participants need any permits?
  • Lodging:  If you can, find a local hotel that will provide a discount to attendees. University/College dorm housing is also an option to consider.
  • Copying:  You will probably need to make a few copies during the workshop, so having access to a copy machine is useful.
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