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Mission and Vision of AMTA


The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) enhances student learning in STEM through teacher professional development by providing classroom-tested instructional materials that are optimized for Modeling Instruction classrooms; encouraging collaboration within the Modeling community; and conducting research in the Modeling Instruction pedagogy.



While it remains focused on teachers and their students, AMTA envisions collaborating with a wide range of partners to strengthen its ability to deliver its mission. AMTA will continue to nurture local organizations devoted to disseminating Modeling Instruction through the STEMteachersXYZ model (currently includes STEMteachersPHX, STEMteachersCLE, STEMteachersMassBay, STEMteachersNYC, STEMteachersBHM and STEMteachersHOU); seek to build additional relationships with local affiliate organizations; and aim to gain international affiliates dedicated to improving STEM education.  AMTA and these local teacher organizations will have partnerships with school districts, administrators, curriculum coordinators, STEM specialists, and individual school science departments. AMTA will partner with researchers, Principal Investigators, science teacher education institutions to identify funders who recognize and appreciate the value of Modeling Instruction. AMTA will be a recognized and respected organization related to STEM teaching and learning at the local, regional, state, and national levels. AMTA will actively participate alongside State Departments of Education, legislators, and policy leaders to promote good STEM educational policy.


Recognizing that Modeling Instruction is at the heart of the AMTA mission, AMTA and its partners will have a clear understanding of what Modeling Instruction is (and is not), and will identify and train qualified leaders to ensure that high quality Modeling Workshops are delivered worldwide. AMTA will continue to build a pool of fully trained, certified workshop leaders in all subject areas to meet the demand for Modeling Workshops nationwide. Comprehensive, classroom-tested, standards-aligned, robust science instructional materials for Modeling Instruction will be available as a benefit of AMTA membership. There will be Modeling Instruction science resources, in development or available, at every grade level (P-20) and computational thinking will be explicitly integrated into the Modeling Cycle.

The STEMteachersXYZ affiliate organizations will be true partners in providing professional development and building local professional science teaching communities, and will be recognized as the local face of AMTA for workshops and outreach. 

In addition to face-to-face professional development workshops, AMTA will offer distance-learning courses and online learning modules to promote Modeling Instruction to provide continuing education for STEM teachers.

AMTA will make significant progress toward the integration of all STEM subjects in a Modeling Instruction-based standards-aligned learning progression from K-12 for use by all its constituencies.

AMTA will expand its current programs to include consulting services for program evaluation, remediation and outreach. It will lead an active program of research on Modeling Instruction theory and practice. It will work to present sessions or posters at state and national conferences and seek to publish research in peer-reviewed journals.  AMTA will host an annual conference, which will include a research strand. It will be a clearinghouse for information on accredited Modeling Instruction-based degree programs and college credit for workshops around the country. It will serve pre-service teachers through its university and professional association partnerships.

AMTA will be a respected voice in the educational policy debate and will influence the formation of educational policy. One critical focus area it will address, both in its own structure and in the larger community, is equity and diversity.

AMTA will have the ability to support all the science teacher communities who ask it for help.


AMTA currently has a strong local presence in Phoenix, Boston, the Chicago-area, across Michigan, Indianapolis, New York City, the Miami-Dade area, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, St. Louis, throughout OH, and multiple cities in California. AMTA envisions expanding the number of locations where Modeling Instruction is widely used to include regional, statewide, national, and international locations. It will have a presence at professional meetings, professional development workshops, in publications (practitioner and research-based), and on social media. It will operate virtually and face-to-face. It will expand its presence at both the grassroots and institutional level. Its members will teach using Modeling Instruction at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels. Modeling Instruction instructional materials will be used in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, middle school, and physical science classrooms in public, charter, and private schools.

Overview of 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

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