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IMPORTANT UPDATE – Due to COVID-19, the annual AMTA National Conference will be a virtual experience.  Join us on Zoom June 20-21 for quality time with other science educators and expert Modelers.  We will celebrate your non-traditional instruction successes in the classroom and help you prepare for the upcoming Fall.  This virtual conference is FREE to all teachers (member or non-member)!  Register for the AMTA summer virtual conference here

Our Mission

The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) is a professional organization of teachers, by teachers, and for teachers who use Modeling Instruction(TM) in their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching.  Our mission is to provide professional development for teachers in the Modeling Method of Instruction, to provide resources that support the use of Modeling Instruction(TM) in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and middle school science classrooms, and to support and enable collaboration among Modelers.  AMTA strives to foster brilliant teaching and deep learning.

In the early 1990s, after a decade of education research to develop and validate Modeling Instruction(TM), physicist David Hestenes was awarded grants from the National Science Foundation for another decade to spread the Modeling Instruction(TM) program nationwide. As of 2019, approximately 14,000 teachers have participated in summer workshops or other professional development involving Modeling Instruction, including nearly 10% of the United States’ high school physics teachers. It is estimated that Modeling teachers reach more than 100,000 students each year.

The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) was created by teachers to continue and expand the mission after government funding for Modeling Instruction(TM) ended. The AMTA has expanded to a nationwide community of teachers dedicated to addressing the nation’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education crisis.

For more details, please download our Strategic Plan (2019-2022).


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