Workshop Supplies, Equipment, and Materials

1. MODELING instructional resources in Mechanics, Chemistry I and II, Physical Science, E&M, Light, Biology, or CASTLE.

All Modeling curricula is available on the AMTA member portal. A one-year AMTA membership is offered for first-time workshop attendees for the low price of $25 and returning workshop attendees can join AMTA for $50 on the first day of the workshop.

Print version of workshop curriculum materials. These are printed, three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped, and shipped by
Crown Press in Phoenix. They don’t ship individual manuals, and they prefer to print large orders.

Updated prices:

  • Mechanics: $18 (420 pgs)
  • Waves: $18 (322 pgs)
  • Electricity & Magnetism: $17 (262 pgs)
  • CASTLE Manuals: $18 (304 pgs)
  • Light: $17 (228 pgs)
  • Chemistry 1: $18 (378 pgs)
  • Chemistry 2: $17 (200 pgs)
  • Physical Science: $31 (544 pgs)
  • Biology: $41 (740 pgs)

ORDERING INFO for Crown Press:
To place an order for your Modeling Instruction Teacher’s Manuals,
you can email your order to Tyler Gefroh at

You can also call Crown Press: 602-437-4444 (office) or Tyler: 480-323-5802

Crown Press – 2450 S 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Open 8:00 to 5:00 M-F

Federal tax ID number: 86-0576954

For print materials a 2″ 3-ring binder with tab dividers is essential. A 3″ binder is recommended for the biology manual.

2. Recommendations for Vernier Software & Technology for chemistry and physics workshops
3. Whiteboards:

Buy these at Lowe’s or Home Depot, and have them delivered to the workshop site. I suggest that you order 6 for each teacher (ask them to cut each 4’ x 8’ sheet into six 24” x 32” student whiteboards: about $15 per sheet).  Recently discovered, you can buy pre-cut whiteboards (chalkboard on back) at Lowe’s for approximately $6 each.  For suggested maintenance, download the fact sheet on whiteboards.

4. Constant Motion Vehicle

(mechanics and physical science):
a) – $7.50 each

b) Arbor Scientific – – $9.25 each

c) (search dune buggy) – $6.50 each

d) (dune buggies) – $7.85 each w/ free shipping for orders over $75.

5) Books that teachers find valuable

a) The text for the modeling workshop in mechanics is:
TEACHING INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS by Arnold B. Arons (John Wiley, 1996 or 1997). ISBN-10: 0471137073 ISBN-13: 978-0471137078

Discount Code: Contact Wendy Hehemann for the discount code that must be entered on before checkout

b) A crucial resource for physics teachers:
PRECONCEPTIONS IN MECHANICS by Charles Camp and John Clement.

  • Download it FREE on the AMTA website (under Modeling Works tab — Useful Resources) (Note: physical science teachers find the introduction, chapter 1 and the appendix useful.)
  • Link to it at in the section on “students’ naive conceptions”.

c) We find the Karplus textbook to be a valuable resource for physics and chemistry teachers – Introductory Physics: A Model Approach

Introductory Physics: A Model Approach by Robert Karplus (edited by Fernand Brunschwig). Robert Karplus wrote this innovative textbook on physics for college nonscience students between 1965 and 1969, at UC-Berkeley. Selected chapters from the book are now available to download in pdf on our website, at

As Karplus says in the Author’s Preface, “. . . this book is addressed particularly to readers with little scientific or mathematical background: the only requirements are common sense, experience, and reasoning ability.”

If you teach any level of physics or chemistry using Modeling Instruction, some of these FREE textbook chapters can be powerful reading assignments for certain units. The whole book focuses on scientific models.

You can buy the entire book in paperback on Amazon (and from several other booksellers from the Amazon webpage): new for ~$20, and used from ~$11.

Buy it, in paperback: Introductory Physics: A Model Approach by Robert Karplus, 2nd or 1st edition, edited by Fernand Brunschwig. Copyright 2011 or 2003 (either edition is fine).

d) LAB PRACTICUMS, by Hank Ryan and Jon Barber.
The order form is at
Click on “Lab practicums”. Cost: $23 + $3 shipping.

e) INTRODUCTORY PHYSICAL SCIENCE (9th edition) by Haber-Schaim, Gendel, Kirksey, Pratt . Includes force, motion, and Newton’s laws ($68 in 2012). The authors retired and closed down their publishing company.  It’s an outstanding textbook! Search for used copies online. Be sure to buy the 9th edition; it’s improved, compared to earlier editions.

f) THE CHEMISTRY CLASSROOM, by Dudley Herron. Buy on for about $30.

g) A POSTER: Why Take Physics
The classroom poster called WHY TAKE PHYSICS costs $.30 for AAPT members in 2015 (and $1.00 for non-members) at the AAPT store.

Download the “7 MYTHS ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICS” brochure (new as of 2011) at
It informs guidance counselors, parents, students, and others about benefits of taking physics in high school. You can order multiple copies by following the links there. 10 for $2.49.


1) For the 1st physical science workshop (on matter & energy
• stop clock (MyChron stop watch),
• metric tape measure
• 1 cm plain cubes
• 1 cm interlocking cubes
• volume relation set
• electronic balance or triple-beam balance
• Graphical Analysis software (Vernier Software: $80; ask for 5% discount)

2) Physical science & chemistry teachers like the Eureka DVD Heat and Temperature. Episodes 16-21 can be found on YouTube

3) DVDs of A Private Universe and Minds of Our Own., free Video on Demand (or for purchase). Search for “Minds of Our Own,” and “A Private Universe” to view these programs


1) quad-ruled computation notebooks (8.5 inches x 11 inches are best). Costs about $14 at Staples.

2) scissors, scotch tape, 3-hole punches, name-tags, & staplers

3) dry erase markers

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