American Modeling Teachers Association

Annual Report – 2023

What is AMTA?


The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) enhances student learning in STEM through teacher professional development by providing classroom-tested instructional materials that are optimized for Modeling InstructionTM classrooms; encouraging collaboration within the ModelingTM community; and conducting research in the Modeling InstructionTM pedagogy.


  • AMTA is dedicated to putting the teacher voice in the forefront, as exhibited by our motto ‘‘by teachers, for teachers, about teaching”
  • AMTA promotes reflective teaching practices
  • AMTA values providing the highest quality, research-based science practices for students
  • AMTA supports teachers to enable reflective learning in their students
  • AMTA continuously evolves Modeling InstructionTM resources based on learning from actual classroom use
  • AMTA is committed to promoting equity, inclusion, and social justice in for all student in every science classroom

Summary of 2023 Accomplishments


A total of 28 modeling instruction workshops were offered in 2023 as listed below:

Chemistry I –  80 participants

Chemistry II –  4 participants

Physics -Mechanics –  75 participants

Physics – E & M – 18 participants

Biology –  18 participants

Middle School Math –  20 participants

Computational Modeling Physics First – 18 participants

Introduction to Modeling –  3 participants

Leadership Academy – 18 participants

Custom Professional Development

5 custom professional development experiences were developed and offered in the United States and abroad to provide teachers with basic information on modeling instruction.

Total of 69 participants in Custom Professional Development

Virtual courses

4 Distance learning courses were offered in 2023.  Participant feedback was very positive in regards to our leaders, the content, the pedagogy, and the ability to learn without having to travel.  In addition to Modeling  Astronomy  and Introduction to Modeling courses, AMTA offered 2 new distance learning courses this year to provide support to modelers who have already taken a workshop.   These courses  Guidance for  Implementation of  Modeling Physics and Guidance for Implementation of Modeling Chemistry were a success as were the distance learning courses in Astronomy and Introduction to Modeling Instruction.  Total of Distance Learning = 69 participants

In addition to face-to-face workshops and virtual courses, AMTA offered

10 free webinars for STEM teachers

2 Connect Ed Events

24 PLCs

These learning opportunities were open to members and non-members.  AMTA was happy to remain at the forefront of virtual professional development and allowing ANY and ALL science teachers who needed support to get it from our experienced, dedicated, and passionate teacher community!

2023 AMTA Staff and Board Members

Past-President – Melissa Girmscheid

President – Lynn Jorgensen

President-Elect – David Bates

Vice President – Brenda Royce

Secretary – Taylor Kaar

Treasurer – Lee Trampleasure

Members At Large – Stefanie Chow, Bryan Battaglia, Mark Lattery

Executive Office – Raymond Howanski

Senior Fellows- Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz, Larry Dukerich

Director of Communications – Erica Posthuma

Director of Member Services – Sue A. Rea

Founder and Advisor – David Hestenes, Ph.D

Co-founder and Advisor – Jane Jackson, Ph.D

Financial details

Total income :    $385,305.74

Program :             $306,476.77
Administration :    $41,931.88
Fundraising :         $35,997.78           
Total :                   $384,406.43

The Better Business Bureau recommends that organizations don’t spend more than 35% of their funding on their overhead expenses and spend at least 65% on their programs;  Charity Navigator recommends spending 70% on programs.
AMTA spends 80% of its funding on programs.

Total net operating income – $899.31

2023 Organization Exempt From Income Tax (Form 990)

2022 Organization Exempt From Income Tax (Form 990)

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