How to host a Modeling Workshop

AMTA gets many inquiries from individuals and institutions who would like to host Modeling Workshops. Below is a basic checklist outlining the host institution’s responsibilities.  Notice that the first step is to contact us for unique answers depending on the circumstances of your organization. We are happy to discuss these with you personally!

STEP 1: Contact Us

Wendy Hehemann, the National Workshop Coordinator for AMTA, can be reached via email at

Wendy will give you detailed information and advice, and ensure that your workshop will successfully address the needs of your teachers.

STEP 2: Arrange for a Site Coordinator

A site coordinator is vital to the success of the workshop.  Site coordinators are responsible for securing a workshop location, recruiting participants, and helping with the day-to-day logistics.

STEP 3: Choose the Content

Content can be chosen from middle school science, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, or physical science.  Once the content is determined, you will need to decide the duration of your workshop – introduction to Modeling Workshops (less than 2 weeks) provide initial experiences, while full Modeling Workshops (2 weeks or more) immerse participants in the Modeling pedagogy.

STEP 4: Logistics

Contact Wendy Hehemann to secure qualified Modeling Workshop leaders.

Decide how much your workshop will cost for participants.

Identify the venue where you will hold the workshop (typically a classroom with lab tables).

Acquire appropriate materials necessary for the workshop.  This includes printed workshop manuals.

Work with onsite Information Technology (IT) for internet access/passwords/printing needs.

Decide if you’d like to offer graduate credits.  You may have a connection with a local university or use AMTA’s partnership with University of the Pacific.

STEP 5: Promote and Manage

Advertise the workshop to local teachers and send us registration information.  AMTA will advertise the workshop nationally through our website and communications from the National Workshop Coordinator.

AMTA will act as the fiscal management of your workshop and will collect registrations for your workshop.

STEP 6: Curriculum Materials and Licensing Fees

Modeling Workshop hosts will be allowed to print an entire set of curriculum materials for attendees.  A $75 per-person licensing fee is charged for the use of AMTA instructional resources and our brand.

As part of an introduction and welcome to Modeling Instruction, AMTA will offer a $25 membership for teachers attending their first workshop and $50 for returning workshop attendees, on the day 1 of the workshop.

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