Bryan BattagliaMember-at-Large

    I am Bryan Battaglia, a science teacher (Bio major in college, but predominantly teaching physics now) from the Metro Detroit area. Modeling Instruction and the AMTA have changed my career and reinvigorated my love for teaching. I have been involved with modeling instruction since 2010 as both workshop participant and workshop leader. I am running for a board position because I would like to give back to the community that has helped me so much.

    Just as physics and science are for all, so too should the organization that helps educators. It is important that the AMTA is there to support all teachers as they embark on their journeys into modeling instruction. Giving up 3 weeks of the summer is a tough ask for many teachers. Asking them to pay for it is even tougher. We need to focus on obtaining grants or alternate funding methods to offset the costs involved in training. This would allow a much more diverse group of teachers to be involved in our mission. We make decisions based on our own experiences. The more varied the experiences, the better the decisions can be made as long as all approach the discussion with a spirit of open-mindedness.

    I am definitely not here to be the smartest person in the room. I value ideas from others and hope to bring about the best consensus. I’m here to help the AMTA move forward to be the best resource and advocate for teachers interested in getting better at doing what’s best for our students.

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