Module – Data Collection in Biology

Date: March 16

Leaders: Clarissa Furlong and Chris Resch


Got Graphs?  Graphing in Modeling Biology

Need ideas for how to integrate graph construction and interpretation with modeling based biology lab experiences?  Want to see how graphing can aid in the construction of biological models? Curious as to how simulations can expand the opportunities for graph construction interpretation by your students?  If you have asked these questions than this is the webinar for you! It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; and graphs are no exceptions. The ability to construct and interpret graphs is a fundamental skill that is required of all students of science.  With graphing skills, students gain the ability to tell scientific stories by representing relationships between different variables and constructing scientific models.

Come and join us for a discussion and for examples for how you can incorporate modeling friendly, NGSS and AP aligned, graphing experiences into your biology classes!  Participants can expect to engage in lab experiences and activities specific to the realm of ecology via the FREE simulation program Netlogo and other Modeling Instruction Biology resources.  Additional extension activities and worksheets that incorporate graphing experiences will also be provided.







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