Principals and curriculum directors often ask how well Modeling Instruction aligns with the NGSS Science & Engineering Practices, as well as the Mathematical Practices from Common Core and 21st Century Learning Skills.  Modeling Instruction’s focus upon making the student the center of the classroom learning community aligns strongly with recent STEM standards.  Please download information about the alignment between Modeling-NGSS and Modeling-21st Century Skills here:

Modeling Method and NGSS Science & Engineering Practices
Modeling connections to NGSS and 21st Century Skills

In addition, the AMTA offers resources for school and/or district administrators. We are happy to speak with you individually to tailor solutions to your local situation. Some areas in which we might provide support are listed below:

  • Helping you to evaluate your science program, emphasizing where your science department(s) are succeeding and where we can help to improve them.
  • Developing a calendar for training your teachers in Modeling Instruction.
  • Site licensing for AMTA’s curriculum materials.
  • Developing your own Modeling Workshop Leaders and Modeling Mentors.
  • Leadership training for administrators to help them effectively evaluate and support exemplary instruction.

If you are interested in hosting a Modeling Workshop for your staff, please see our professional development page.

For more information about the success of Modeling Instruction in STEM, please see our effectiveness page.