Introduction to Modeling Instruction hosted by CHS (Philadelphia)

Location: Central High School 1700 W Olney Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19141
Dates: August 16-20, 2021
Meeting Times: 8 am till 4 pm
Leaders: Ingrid Waldron (Biology), Jess Dykes (physics) and Ray Howanski (chemistry)
Costs: $300 for out-of-district teachers and $50 for School District of Philadelphia teachers with special code (refundable upon completion of the workshop)
Optional graduate level credits: Available from the University of the Pacific ($79 each, to be paid directly to UoP)


Learn how to engage your students in the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, whether your classroom is in person or virtual. Modeling Instruction is a rigorous approach to teaching science that supports students to develop a deep conceptual understanding of content by engaging them in science practices. In a Modeling classroom, students learn science by doing science: collecting data, working in collaborative groups to represent and interpret that data, and constructing and communicating explanations of their findings. In the process they develop deep conceptual knowledge of science while also building 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. This workshop will introduce participants to the foundations of Modeling Instruction by following the theme of energy through examples in biology, chemistry, and physics, and will be useful to teachers of any science discipline. Teachers will learn Modeling pedagogy by first experiencing it from a student perspective and then considering how to apply it in their own classrooms.


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