Module – Modeling in the Advanced Biology Classroom

Date: September 21, 2019

Leader: Chris Resch


“I love Modeling Instruction but can’t seem to bring it into my AP/IB/Honors Biology classroom.”  If you have felt this sentiment before, you are not alone.  Modeling Instruction has transformed the landscape of science education and many educators have been adopting the pedagogy.  But how can such a pedagogy be used in such content heavy classes such as AP Biology?

Come and join us for this webinar; the goal of which is to provide a glimpse of how Modeling Instruction can be incorporated into an Advanced Biology course!  Workshop leader Chris Resch will share tools and curricula he and his colleagues have developed, which are compatible with Modeling Instruction.

Leader Bio: Christopher (Chris) Resch has been a science educator since 2006 at Montgomery High School in Skillman, New Jersey.  He holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in high school science. Chris is also a Modeling Instruction (TM) workshop leader and has led biology workshops for STEMTeachersNYC, the New York City Department of Education, and the New York State Master Teacher Program at Binghamton University.  Additionally, Chris is a founding member of “The Coalition,” a group of Biology and Environmental Science educators at STEMTeachersNYC and he is a New Jersey Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) ambassador.

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