Award-Winning Professional Development

The primary mission of AMTA is to provide quality professional development for teachers of STEM courses. Most PD occurs in summer workshops of 2-3 weeks duration that thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for a middle school, high school, or introductory college STEM course.



  • Content is organized around a small set of basic models (rather than a lengthy list of topics) to increase its structural coherence.
  • Workshop leaders have attended multiple Modeling Instruction workshops and have considerable experience teaching using this method.
  • Participants are supplied with a complete set of course materials and work through activities alternating in the roles of student or teacher, as they practice techniques of guided inquiry and cooperative learning.
  • Workshop leaders are prepared to integrate technology (such as electronic probes) and give participants new ideas about how to implement it, dependent upon site availability.
  • First-time participants in full workshops are eligible for a $25 membership in AMTA, while returning workshop attendees can renew membership for only $50.

Immersive Experience Transforms Teachers 

AMTA typically provides (and strongly recommends) workshops that are at least three weeks in duration. We believe that in order for teachers to truly transform their practice, they must have the opportunity to practice the interactive engagement techniques crucial to the successful implementation of Modeling Instruction in the classroom.

Two-week workshops can also be effective, provided academic year follow-up support is available.

One-week (or less) professional development experiences are not considered Modeling Workshops. Such “Modeling Lite” or “Introduction to Modeling” type sessions afford participants the chance to explore aspects of Modeling Instruction. These do not provide teachers sufficient time to develop a deep understanding of the pedagogy, nor the opportunity to practice the listening and questioning skills that allow one to successfully implement this approach.

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