Holly McTernanSecretary

    Modeling changed my life and my work. I have been given so much and I would like the opportunity to give back to our community working with the board in new ways. I have a commitment to seeing the modeling method made available to elementary teachers often thrown into teaching physical science with no understanding or background and sometimes a genuine fear of the subject, and I believe we as a community are in a unique position to change that across the nation. I bring an understanding of the historical development of Modeling Instruction, the modeling community, and AMTA, a wide range of experience in teaching assignments and a deep ability to listen and be attentive. I show up. I participate with enthusiasm and energy. I am unafraid to speak up and I am a firm believer in a team approach to getting things done. I understand the role of the strategic plan to drive the work of the AMTA. I would like a chance to give back to this community from whom I’ve been given so much. It would be a pleasure to spend time and energy helping to further the work of AMTA.

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