Stefanie ChowMember-at-Large

    Stefanie was first introduced to Modeling Instruction through a summer workshop in Phoenix, AZ in 2019.  Since her first introduction to Modeling Instruction, she has fully embraced it.  She has attended several modeling workshops, Conceptual Physical Science, Modeling Instruction in Biology, and the Middle School Science workshop.  Stefanie has used what she has learned in her workshops and has begun to develop a modeling curriculum for her Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.  Her primary content focus is Human Anatomy and Physiology, but she has taught High School Biology and Conceptual Physics courses.  AMTA has transformed her teaching practices and has taught her how to collaborate with other fellow Modelers to provide student-centered instruction.  Stefanie is looking forward to helping to develop more equity and inclusion opportunities within AMTA and to assist teachers in their journey of learning how to implement Modeling pedagogy into their science content areas.

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