American Modeling Teachers Association

Annual Report – 2020

What is AMTA?


The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) enhances student learning in STEM through teacher professional development by providing classroom-tested instructional materials that are optimized for Modeling InstructionTM classrooms; encouraging collaboration within the ModelingTM community; and conducting research in the Modeling InstructionTM pedagogy.


  • AMTA is dedicated to putting the teacher voice in the forefront, as exhibited by our motto ‘‘by teachers, for teachers, about teaching”
  • AMTA promotes reflective teaching practices
  • AMTA values providing the highest quality, research-based science practices for students
  • AMTA supports teachers to enable reflective learning in their students
  • AMTA continuously evolves Modeling InstructionTM resources based on learning from actual classroom use
  • AMTA is committed to promoting equity, inclusion, and social justice in for all student in every science classroom

Summary of 2020 Accomplishments

The year 2020 will forever be remembered for COVID-19, the pandemic that devastated the world.

In a normal year, AMTA and local hosts would have offered between 45-60 face-to-face workshops for teachers across the globe.  However, when we learned of school cancellations, travel restrictions, and how bad the virus was affecting our health and safety, face-to-face professional development was no longer an option.

A team of distance learning course leaders came together to establish virtual course guidelines, workshop leaders met to discuss virtual offerings and the challenges we would face, and small teams of leaders collaborated to plan quality professional development courses that would act as an introduction to Modeling Instruction.

With so many uncertainties impacting decisions, most local hosts decided not to offer virtual courses.  Knowing that teachers were still in need of professional development, AMTA decided to host a number of offerings including:

Chemistry I (3 sections) – 64 participants

Chemistry II – 19 participants

Mechanics – 24 participants

Biology (2 sections) – 32 participants

Middle school – 17 participants

The virtual courses were a success!  Based on a 1-5 Likert scale, the following are based on those survey participants ranking 4 or 5:

92.2% enjoyed the courses

84% learned about Modeling Instruction

75% learned new science content

89.5% learned using new technologies

88.2% learned virtual teaching strategies

93.4% said it was worth the money

100% would recommend AMTA PD to others

80.5% will implement Modeling in their classrooms

90.8% are interested in more PD, while another 6.6% may be depending on what is offered

In addition to our pivot from face-to-face workshops to virtual courses, AMTA offered a number of happy hours and webinars to the science education community.  Normally a member benefit, we opened these learning opportunities and decompression sessions up to non-members as well and the attendance rates were much higher than in typical years.  AMTA was happy to be at the forefront of virtual professional development and allowing ANY and ALL science teachers who needed support to get it from our experienced, dedicated, and passionate teacher community!

2020 AMTA Staff and Board Members

Past-President – Kelli Warble

President – Teresa Marx

President-Elect – George Nelson

Vice President – Melissa Girmscheid

Secretary – Holly McTernan

Treasurer – Mike Dolan

Members At Large – Chantel Dooley, Tanea Hibler, and Marta Stoeckel

Financial details

Total income – $486,944

Total program expenses – $219,616

Total fundraising expenses – $27,044

Total administration expenses – $177,936

Total ending net assets – $176,036

Link to AMTA’s Guidestar profile and annual 990

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