Physics & Chemistry Courses at ASU

Dates: June 26 – July 27

Location: Arizona State U, Tempe

PHS 556: Astrophysics (1:00 – 3:30pm MTWTh. Carl Covatto, instructor)

PHS 540/CHM 540: Integrated Physics & Chemistry (4:00-6:30pm MTWTh. Mitch Sweet)

Information on Syllabi, budget, dorm, logistics

Follow this link for Financial aid tips:

For further information contact Jane Jackson

For non-credit (i.e., CEUs), you need NOT apply to ASU. $650 if someone pays for you; $100 if you must pay out-of-pocket. Pay in May.

For graduate credit, apply to ASU at as a nondegree grad student ($70 appl fee) at least 3 weeks before your course begins — no transcripts needed. Search for course in ASU catalog. Register for course at least 1 week before course begins. Non-resident ASU graduate tuition & fees are $3759 for 3 credits.

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