David BatesPresident-elect

    While the all too oft employed phrase “battle for the soul of our country” grates on the nerves like a mere hyperbolic political tool, there can be little doubt of the myriad of challenges facing the next generation. And in particular, the science teachers trying to prepare our future scientists, leaders and decision makers. Classical approaches to science instruction will not suffice. Modeling instruction provides the foundation for a strong skill set that will prepare students to be independent thinkers, solve problems and evaluate arguments of others. Solving the problems facing us, and future generations, will require the application of science and technology and the support of a science literate society. The mission of AMTA has never been more important.

    I am pleased to serve as Vice President of the Board of the American Modeling Teachers Association.

    I believe that my experience serving for 8 years, 7 as president, on the Board of Education for the Ypsilanti Public Schools and after effecting a merger with the neighboring Willow Run Schools the Ypsilanti Community Schools has prepared me with the tools to provide leadership to the AMTA Board. While the missions are quite different, the challenges not as much. Modeling instruction offers so much richer experience for students. If we are to reach more students we must train more teachers. This means expanding our training programs and being intentional about reaching out to under represented members of the science teaching community. Reaching out in ways that will attract teachers of various social, racial, economic, gender and nonconforming science lovers. I believe that part of that effort can be to seek out sources of funding to train teachers. We also need to expand our market presence by increasing our visibility at national and regional conferences. While I wish I knew what all of the answers are. These are not insignificant challenges and I respect that they will not be adequately addressed without significant hard work by all of the members of the board working together. I am prepared to invest the time, energy and passion to help lead that effort.

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