Lynn JorgensenPresident

    Lynn began teaching physics (AP 1, 2, and regular) at Gilbert High School (Arizona) in 2015.  She was introduced to Modeling as a student teacher, many years ago.  Lynn saw right away the depth that Modeling naturally added to activities.  After “testing” out Modeling in her own classroom, she attended her first workshop at ASU, where she recognized that Modeling was the missing piece in her own teaching practices. Modeling seamlessly added the conceptual understanding and critical thinking that all STEM courses are built upon.  Lynn looks forward to the opportunities each summer to take more courses, and to participate in conferences. 

    Because of her own experiences as a lone woman in an undergraduate physics program, Lynn has worked to strengthen women and underrepresented in their pursuit of STEM courses as well as breaking down barriers to make physics more accessible to all students.  She has seen how Modeling practices provide an opportunity for engagement with all of our students in more meaningful ways, and have allowed her another way to support women in the classroom.


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